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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 6th

6 January 1863

Thursday 8th

8 January 1863
7 January 1863
Wednesday 7th

For a wonder, it was quite a clear day, so that after disposing of all matters remaining on my table, I was ready to join Mrs Adams and Mary, on our expedition by way of the Great Northern Railway, through Hitchkin, Huntington, Peterborough and Newark to Carlton, where we found Speaker Denison awaiting our arrival, and that of other guests. We drove two miles to his house which we reached at about five o’clock. The company assembled consisted of Lady Mary Wood, her daughter and son, Captain Boyes, Mr Ellis and Mr Martin. I had a bowing acquaintance with the first named at various places in London, but had few opportunities for conversation. Lady Charlotte Denison was mild and gracious as ever. After dinner, some conversation with the speaker upon the agitation of latitudinarian doctrines in the Church. He wished me to read a little book of Dr Vaughn’s on the subject. Played short Whist with the speaker, Capt Boyes and Mr Wood.268

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