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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 16.th

16 January 1863

Sunday 18th

18 January 1863
17 January 1863
Saturday 17th

For some reason that I cannot explain I experienced a slight headache for nearly all day. Having been so remarkably free from a sensation of the sort for a long time back, it seemed less welcome than ever. I spent much my time in bringing up arrears of small correspondence. Just now I am getting the resolution of very many public meetings in response to the President’s proclamation. It is quite clear that the current is now sitting pretty strongly with us among the body of the people. This may be quite useful on the approach of the session of Parliament. At a little after two o’clock I went out with Mrs Adams to visit the Exhibition of Water colour pictures undertaken for the benefit of the Lancashire sufferers. As my patronage was enlisted I suppose I must buy something. It was so crowded and so dark however that I could form no kind of judgment about it today. Then a walk. There was news from America today which seems to lift General Rosecrans out of the difficulty I feared, and is on the whole encouraging without being decisive. In the evening I was at home alone, as the rest of the family went to the Haymarket Theatre. Mr Dudley, the Consul at Liverpool came and spent an hour to talk to me about the vessel about which I had addressed a note to the Foreign Office. He can find no evidence to establish my statement, and evidently thinks it is a mistake. I asked him to see and consult with Mr Morse, so that I might determine my action. Read a little of My novel.

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