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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 13th

13 February 1863

Sunday 15th

15 February 1863
14 February 1863
Saturday 14th

A clear, fine day. After reading the Despatches and the American newspapers until my eyes ached, I went to the City to Messr Barings to draw money, and on my return met the carriage with Mrs Adams on Ludgate Hill. Thence we went to pay a number of visits which I have been owing for some time. On the whole my working hours were all gone by the time I got home. And on my table lay a heap of letters to answer on every subject under heaven. It positively rains such things now. We had to dinner Mr Hanle and General Lerman, Dr Hall, and Mrs Upham and Mr and Mrs H T Parker, an ill-assorted party enough. The first named gentleman brings me many letters, though his business is somewhat a mystery. The second is a name that I recall not favorably so far as I could connect it with some accounts of it by Mr C. A Davis. Dr Hall is recommended to me from Mr Charles Norton. He is a graduate from Cambridge, but has been long in India studying Oriental languages, and is now Professor of that branch at King’s College here. They left us early.

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