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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 19.th

19 February 1863

Saturday 21st

21 February 1863
20 February 1863
Friday 20th

Much occupied in sending my private letters which took the greater part of the day. But the rapid increase of light brings me to my usual walk in early twilight. I am not quite so sensible of relief at this stage of the week, as I used to be. The reason must be that there is less relaxation of labor on the last day— I have succeeded however today in despatching pretty much all of the arrear work that has fallen upon me, as I wish tomorrow to take advantage of a little leisure. In the evening we had a visit from General Lerman and Mr Howell. They invited me and my son Henry to dine with them on Tuesday next. I rad a little more of Hodson’s book.297

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