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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 23d

23 February 1863

Wednesday 25th

25 February 1863
24 February 1863
Tuesday 24th

Again I stole away from my regular duties to be present at the second day’s sale of coins. On this occasion I was less fortunate, as I failed to obtain such as I did want, and did buy others which but partially suited me. Such is the fate of auctions. I also failed in getting the books I wanted, and got some I did not care about Yet the sum total of my purchases was certainly prudent, and not ill laid out. I returned home only in season to dress and go out to dine with General Lerman and Mr Howell at Morley’s Hotel. My son Henry accompanied me, and the rest of the party consisted of Mr W. Napier, Mr Fleming, and two other gentlemen Consuls for Mexico whose names I did not catch. The entertainment was quite elegant, in the French style. The conversation very general. These gentlemen are negotiating for vessels and arms for Mexico, and Mr Napier and perhaps Mr Fleming are the parties to supply them from here. Such is my inference, but I carefully avoid knowing too much about the matter. Got home at about eleven.

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