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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 8th

8 March 1863

Tuesday 10th

10 March 1863
9 March 1863
Monday 9th

There was a frost again this morning, and the air was chilly through the day. Not having much regular work, I sat down to answer several letters which have been on my table some days from America. One of these begs me to interpose, and induce the Secretary of the Navy to give him a share in the business of supplying troubles for the navy. The other sends me out copies of an Essay on Spiritualism, which he desires me to transmit to the Queen, to the Emperor of the French, and to the Emperor of Russia. Such are the notions entertained of the duties of a foreign envoy. Afterwards a walk with my son Brooks in the course of which we looked at many of the preparations for the illuminations of tomorrow. We had to dinner with us Mrs Haight and her daughter and Mr Pierce. Before midnight I received the American mail and the Depatches.

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