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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 10th

10 March 1863

Thursday 12th

12 March 1863
11 March 1863
Wednesday 11th

Our expedition yesterday left me pretty tired and sleepy all day. I found Mr Sturgis at breakfast, he having come last evening to spend the night here. His experience with the illumination was better than ours insofar as he was disencouraged early enough to extricate himself from the crowd. It turns out that several lives were lost and many more injured. Twelve alarms of fire. So that the night was eventful. Brooks went back to Twickenham again. I wrote some answers to letters which is my customary work; and received some visits. Among the rest General Lerman who seemed in high spirits about Mexico. Quiet dinner, bu tin the evening to two places. First to Lady Russell’s, where we found only a small company principally of the corps Diplomatique I said a few words to him in answer to his question whether I had a Despatch to read to him. I explained the substance of it, and added that I should not bring it. He replied that it was quite enough. For the less of Depatches that were read to him the better. He further said that my account corresponded with that given of it by Lord Lyons. He hoped that there would be no necessity for the issue of the letters of marque., for they might complicate the question of seizures for attempting to run the blockade. I replied that they might be forced from us by the necessity of capturing the armed vessels fitted out here. I deeply regretted the perpetual refusal to act in all these cases, especially the last one of the Sumter. He remarked that there was no evidence of collusion in the sale. I pointed out the evidence furnished in my last note. But he evidently had not read it. I somewhat doubt whether he does not entirely rely on the Crown officers to give him his cue. A strong man he certainly is not. But he has a certain short, pragmatical way of answer that stands him in stead of power. His record in the Foreign Office will scarcely do him permanent credit. From thence we went to a reception at Lady Spencer’s. Every body expected it would be a great crush, so the consequence was it was not very large. Lord Spencer took the trouble to show me a bust of his Wife by Perrers. But it is not good. Home at 12.314

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