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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 27th

27 March 1863

Sunday 29th

29 March 1863
28 March 1863
Saturday 28th

The morning newspapers had the report of last night’s debate in the commons on Mr Forster’s enquiry, and I regret to say that the result does not bear out the expectation he created. Sir Roundell Palmer made a lawyer’s plea, and Lord Palmerston indulged as usual in derogatory and insulting language, rather than in conciliation. The temper of this man has not been mistaken by me from the outset. Had he been really well disposed he never could have written me the private note which caused our differences last year. I think Lord Russell desires to deceive himself on that point. For the rest I fear that this goes out tomorrow327 only to add to the invitation already existing there. Possibly the issue of letters of marque may follow. The only counterpoise to it may be the account of the meeting of the Trades Unions on Thursday evening which was in a thoroughly friendly and earnest tone. My spirits were rather depressed by this, neither was the telegraphic news from America today calculated to improve them. Neither was military ardour naval enterprises seem to prosper. The season is opening with an impaired morale every where, On the other side is declining physical strength in numbers. What is the end of such a race? Who can tell? At ten I walked to the office of the Board of Trade to meet the Trustees of the Peabody fund, who were to decide on the tenders for the erection of the proposed buildings. There were three, made by builders of the brightest class, making only a difference of three hundred pounds between them. We chose the lowest and executed the contracts, so that this is a real beginning. It will absorb a sixth of the principal. Another Estate is purchased, and another negotiated for, so that we are really making some progress. Thence home. Evening a little of Helen to the family. It is much better in the action as we proceed.

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