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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 1st

1 April 1863

Friday 3d.

3 April 1863
2 April 1863
Thursday 2d.

Clear, spring like weather. The thorns and other bushes are coming into full bloom. I was engaged on my Despatches, but not without considerable interruption from Mr Dudley who came with the deposition of Mr Yonge and indeed with the man himself. I advised Mr D. to send him back to the United States by the next week’s Steamer, and consented to say a word in his behalf at Washington. But I fear he is but a poor chap. One of the incidents of a civil war has always ben said to be the facility with which men go from one side to the other, and certainly this one makes no exception to the rule in that particular. Several of such persons we have been obliged to use here without respecting them. There was not much else to occupy me today. For a wonder the American newspapers received roused my curiosity more by what they alluded to without disclosing, than what was actually told. The indications of exhaustion and mysterious references to reverses in the extracts from the rebel newspapers are the most important items. Quiet evening. Finished M LaBoulaye’s Volume of Paris in Amerique. As a political squib to affect French politics it may have more interest than I can take in it.

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