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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 15th

15 April 1863

Friday 17th

17 April 1863
16 April 1863
Thursday 16th

The revolution of the week brings back my labours on Despatches, and their number does not decline. A visit from Mr Forster who came to talk about the late course of the Ministers in regard to the Alexandra, for which he is much inclined to give credit to the discussion of the other evening. He asked me about some of the rumours current as to action in this Legation, and was quite surprised to find this entirely fictions. This is the latest form of hostility invented by the rebel emissaries at Liverpool340 and is quite worthy of them. We talked of the relative position of things and of the probability of avoiding a collision, about which I grew more and more doubtful. He said that the other side proposed to bring on a discussion in Parliament next week— I hoped that it might not happen, as I gathered no good omens from them. Mr Beckwith came in to take leave, as he is going back to France. My sons got home today from their short visit to antwerp, and Brooks returned to school at Twickenham. I took a long walk. In the evening General Lerman came in and told me of his success in obtaining Insurance for his outward voyage to Matamoras, through the use of the letter I had given him for Admiral Dupont. He was quite amusing, in his narrative of his various adventures in the struggles of the last half century on the continent.

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