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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 20th

20 April 1863

Wednesday 22d.

22 April 1863
21 April 1863
Tuesday 21st

I had to breakfast with me today Mr Cobden and Mr Forster, Messr R. J. Walker, Aspinwall, Forbes, Bigelow and Keason. The conversation was active but not general. Mr Cobden talked with me about the enlistment law, and the speech which he was intending to make on Friday. He wanted information as they all do. And I was busy in directing the legation to be hunted to find it. He said that Mr Collyer intended likewise to speak He had not read the documents and did not know of the claim for damages. Neither did he assent to his (Mr Cobdens) remark that some time or other England would have to pay the bill, though if it did, the cause would be Mr Collyer’s legal opinion to that effect. I made a note of this. They did not leave until one o’clock. The objection to this form of entertainment is that it consumes the working part of the day. I was busily engaged in writing notes and letters. I get a note from one person who wished me to give him a certificate. This is the next trick of the trade. I wrote him respectfully declining to take jurisdiction. In the afternoon Mr Forbes was in again, to report concerning the vessels. In the evening we went to a ball at Count Apponyi’s. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary of course. The Corps Diplomatique in force. I did not remain a great while. These dancing parties always are tedious.

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