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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 25th

25 April 1863

Monday 27th

27 April 1863
26 April 1863
Sunday 26th

Fine warm day. Attended Divine service at the Chapel. The news from America was not cheering, as it brought the confirmation of the failure before Charleston. I had expected nothing better and was on the whole reconciled in find that we had lost but one vessel and few men. Yet I see not now what is left of our plan, or what next we shall turn to. The prestige of success is all gone— For a year back ever commanders have been failing one after another; and now we have but one left from whom I can expect any thing. Our success on the water has also been declining—so that the prospect of the war is not bright. I should feel resigned to this, if I did not fear that my poor son would fall a victim to this said incapacity. I tried to humble myself before God and pray his mercy for the sins of my poor country as well as for my own. Mr Martineau preached the first of a series of sermons on the life and character of the Apostle Paul. This was a contrast between him and Peter, with a sketch of his education to prepare him for the great task of converting the gentiles. On my return home. On my return I found Mr Howell who had come to let me know his movements. He told me that the Sea Queen was not yet gone; that he was yet in negotiation for her; the price352 and terms were agreed on; the only thing that remained to do was to close. This was to be decided tomorrow at noon. He gave me much information as to the persons engaged in the contraband business, and particularly that symbol of innocence Mr Frederick Chapple. He did not press for more assistance from me as he seemed aware that the position of the Sea Queen put it out of my power. He told me that Mr Mason had been down to threaten that their fleet would take her if she was sold, as the property of the United States. This is amusing and just like him. As the vessel is insured here, it would outhaming the worst calamities to the United States if his threat were to be executed. After he went I walked with the two children to the Zoological Gardens. The day was summerlike. I met with Mr Kasson there and brought him home to dine with us. He talked much of the state of parties at home, and the condition of society, at Washington. I found him quite sagacious and penetrating as to men. But his picture on the whole was not enlivening. All the evils trace themselves to the deficiency of the President and his Wife.

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