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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 2d.

2 May 1863

Monday 4th

4 May 1863
3 May 1863
Sunday 3d.

A fine, warm day. Attended Divine service at the Chapel in the morning. Mr Martineau preached his second sermon on the Apostle Paul. The Communion was administered afterwards. I then waled with the children, Mary and Brooks to the Zoological gardens She only novelty I observed was a bull and cow of the Italian breed, very magnificent specimens of their kind, white and powerful without being inflated like the cattle of this country. On my return, and just as I was about to sit down to read came in Mr Homer and after him Mr Edward Ellice. They consumed pretty much all the interval until dinner time. In the evening I read part of Mary’s constitutional History. This is altogether the most tranquil and satisfactory day I have passed for weeks. The telegraph from home in the morning and more cheering than any for some time, and especially reassuring as it regarded the uneasiness created by the preceding one of last week. This and the momentary calm that prevails here are doubtless the cause of my quietude. I am thankful for this rest and refreshment.358

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