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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 13th

13 May 1863

Friday 15th

15 May 1863
14 May 1863
Thursday 14th

The weather has changed and it showers more or less every day. I had not quite so much labor in my Despatches this week, so that I finished the draughts early. But there is a vast quantity of small note writing which consumes much time to little purpose. The applications for passage to go into the service in America now take the place of offers of inventions, and of arms. In addition to this come myriads of enquiries from the relations of men in the war—representatives from consuls, and offers to furnish information about the operations of rebels, most of them expecting rewards. Towards evening the newspapers came from America. They were very interesting and on the whole encouraging. But the account of the crossing of the Rappahanock by Hooker’s forces although successfully accomplished fills me with great uneasiness. This is one more trial of a new General about whom we have no data but brave fighting. I a little fear the very facility of his passage. Independently of this the situation of my son is now in the midst of the danger. For a week or two our condition here is not to be envied. We must trust to the protection of Heaven, and hoping for the best await its devices with humility and submission. In the evening the ladies went to a ball at Lady Taunton’s. On the other hand I attended a reception at Count Apponyi’s. It was early and the rooms were not very full. I remained only long enough to do my duty, and walked home before twelve.

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