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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 25th

25 May 1863

Wednesday 27th

27 May 1863
26 May 1863
Tuesday 26th

A much finer and more genial day. I took another salt water bath in-doors. After breakfast I went on a long walk with Brooks, through Southbourne and thence along the crest of heights around home. After luncheon I followed another path which carried me over many greenfields splendid with better cups into a must rural and attentive neighborhood. The appearance of comfort and prosperity is general. The fashion of sea watering places is doing wonders for the whole coast of Britain at the expense of the interior. I think now I have seen all that is worth looking at here. Mrs Adams and Mary preferred to indulge in a lounge on the beach, which was very attractive. Quiet in the evening, reading Foster. The Accounts from America rather cheering. The death of Jackson is announced, a great loss to the rebels, as he had made a great reputation as an executive Officer. No man has been so uniformly successful in all he undertook. No one has really made a military reputation in this war but he. The effect on the other side will be merely a loss a morale, which it can ill afford just now. At the same time I much fear that Hooker’s reputation is now reduced to its first, and that not a very high standard.375 We do not as yet get the smallest intimation of what has become of my son Charles. It is not clear that he went with his corps in the expedition which from the censure applied to its commander General Anvill, I presume to have failed in its main object. Our accounts come down now to ten days after the battle.

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