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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 27th

27 May 1863

Friday 29th

29 May 1863
28 May 1863
Tuesday 28th

The accounts from America came rather better again, whilst is a great relief. I drew up my Despatches earlier than usual in order to get away in season to attend the coin sale. The usual attendance of dealers and nobody else. The collection was a fair one, but so much mixed up with doubtful and spurious coins as to impair confidence in the bidding. As a consequence they sold quite low, and I was tempted to purchase considerably. Making every deduction for false specimens, the bargains were good. The only drawback is in the way they have of selling in lots, a contrivance for the benefit of dealers, who do not mind duplicates. I did not get home much before six o’clock. Mr Sohier dined with us. He is on his way to Boston, this week.

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