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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 29th

29 May 1863

Sunday 31st

31 May 1863
30 May 1863
Saturday 30th

The American news was again highly favorable. It is however but partially official so that I put only a qualified confidence in it. Could I have relied on it all I should augur the end of the struggle to be approaching. Went into the city to transact business with the Messr Baring. From thence to Messr Sotheby’s auction room to attend the third day of the coin sale. This time I though the prices quite high. This was the English part of the collection less mixed with spurious specimens. When I got home, I found the ladies waiting for me to go to the Zoological gardens to meet Lady Lyell and her friends by appointment. The assembly was large as usual on this day when the band plays. It was dissipated early by a threat of rain. We took tea at Mrs Lyell’s. In the evening I with Henry and Mary to see M Lebassor’s impersonations of character. They show all the French accuracy in this sphere.378

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