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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday June 1st

1 June 1863

Wednesday 3d.

3 June 1863
2 June 1863
Tuesday 2d.

After doing some customary work, and calling on Mr Evarts to show him some depositions that Mr Dudley has sent to me, I went down to Sotheby’s Auction room and attended another sale of379 coins. The attendance small, mostly of dealers. And they had it pretty much their own way. So far as I could judge the specimens were good, but as the auctioneer hinted to me beforehand there was no name to make it attractive, so the very same things which last year I saw sold at one price, now brought less than half as much. I was tempted to purchase quite largely for me, and rather regretted I did not get more. I now understand that the best field is not that which is proclaimed by a flourish of trumpets. Returned home before five. The day very warm. Found Mr Evarts there who returned the depositions, advising their beings sent in as a matter of record. This just the course I have always taken. We had to dine with us Mrs R. J. Walker and her daughter, Mr and Mrs Blatchford and Mr Baldwin. They stayed until quite late.

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