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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 17th

17 June 1863

Friday 19th

19 June 1863
18 June 1863
Thursday 18th

Rather a quiet day, mainly spent at my writing table, preparing Despatches and private letters. The pressure of business with the Foreign office here has been very much relaxed of late, so that the amount of anxiety is greatly lessened. Mr Miles came in again to repeat what he said about Mr Lever. He described him as an Irish speculator, much given to jobbing, and by no means disposed to be committed on American questions. I replied that on his own statement it did not seem to me wise to put myself in his power by making what might be construed by him to be overtures to gain his support. This man is one of a pestiferous brood of adventurers who grasp at means of making themselves of importance enough to newspapers to gain employment and pay as special correspondents. One obvious way is to suck at Official sources. Many public men both here and at home make use of such people, partly because they fear their anger, and partly because they hope to turn them to some account either for the public good or their own advancement. If my ambition392 had been more intense, perhaps I should have sought to conciliate these agents. As it is, I would rather do without them. A quiet walk and evening. Mr Forbes came in for an hour with his usual enquiries about outfits &ca.

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