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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 20th

20 June 1863

Monday 22d.

22 June 1863
21 June 1863
Sunday 21st.

The longest day of the year which in this climate means nearly two hours more of sunlight than with us. It was pleasant and quiet. Attended the Chapel and heard Mr Martineau in continuation of his sermons on the apostle Paul. But it seemed to me that he did little more than enlarge on the idea heretofore presented. The tendency of his argument is to deny the existence of that inspired agency which appears to constitute the essence of his mission. What he is admitted to have done came without any faculty of perception on his part of the true as distinguished from the false. Afternoon I went with Mary to the Zoological gardens. The scene was cheerful and summerlike. At home I ready May’s constitutional History. The Despatches came but brought me little of importance.

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