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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 22d.

22 June 1863

Wednesday 24th

24 June 1863
23 June 1863
Tuesday 23d.

A quiet day. Not much work, so that I amused myself in the business of asserting and studying the coin collections I have made since I have been here. On comparison I find I have made much progress in the knowledge of the science, mainly by my greater familiarity with good and various specimens. At four o’clock I drove down to the Foreign Office to keep my appointment with Lord Russell. Obliged to wait until the last moment he had to395 spare. Luckily it was no matter as my only business was to show him the letter to Mr Bright, and the Trades Unions. He said it was very good, so I can send it at once. I spoke to him also of one or two consular recognitions unaccountably delayed. He promised to look then up. We heard today of the death of Mrs Bates, which happened yesterday morning. A few days ago I called to see Mr Bates and enquire after her. He did not seem to apprehend any immediate dissolution, but from his account of her condition I inferred it could not be far off. Walked home to dinner. Quiet evening. Mr Forbes came for an hour. The ladies went to Countess Apponyi’s to a ball.

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