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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 24th

24 June 1863

Friday 26th

26 June 1863
25 June 1863
Thursday 25th

My day much occupied with visitors, and the task of preparing Despatches. Mr Pike and Mr Perry both came in to discuss the appearances of the moment. The latter has come over from Spain at the very same time that the Minister himself in on a visit to Germany. The corps Diplomatique certainly does not pay much attention to the rule forbidding absence from the post of duty. I took a walk in the Park. Met with Count Lavard’s, the Portuguese minister,a quiet and very worthy person. Dined by invitation with the Turkish Ambassador. It was a full dress banquet on the Anniversary of the Sultan’s accession. The Austrian, French, Russian and Prussian Ambassadors, the Bavarian, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Dutch ministers, Lord Russell, his under Secretaries, the Persian minister and Sir Edward Crest. It was stiff and tedious as all such things must be. The customary toasts of the Sultan and the Queen. After dinner I had some talk with Mr Bille. He says the feeling here is becoming more and more bitter against us. In society surprise is expressed when any one expresses an opposite sentiment. He likewise told me very confidentially that at the Antichamber of the Foreign Office yesterday, where several persons had casually gathered in waiting, Baron Gros had expressed his individual opinion that the Emperor would make another proposal to England to urge some advice to us. If declined, then he would go on to recognize the Southern States alone. He disclaimed all authority for making this statement, neither did he set any time for the supposed action. I much fear that he may be right. The Emperor is true to nothing but his ambition., which has for its object to uphold his illgotten authority. His Mexican scheme depends upon the fact of our permanent disruption. Almost abandoned a few weeks since under the discouraging accounts of resistance by the people, the fall of Puebla has revived it. I doubt not that Mr Slidell is actively intriguing to stimulate his passion, even at the sacrifice of a part of the territory. I went home early, to let the ladies go to Lady Holland’s.397

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