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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 28th

28 June 1863

Tuesday 30th

30 June 1863
29 June 1863
Monday 29th

A fine, summer’s day. At noon I went to the auction room and attended the sale of Greek coins of Mr Ioanoff, the Consul at Smyrna. Not more than a dozen persons were in attendance, bu the bidding was spirited and the prices high. Among the number were two gentlemen General Fox and Mr Bunbury, both noted collectors. I bought but little. The main benefit I get from attendance is the familiarity with fine specimens and the ruling valuation. This is however quite capricious, and often depends upon a very nice comparison of the condition of the coin. As an instance Mr Bunbury purchased a fine Lysinachus for £1.15s A second nearly as good but not quite full to me at sixteen shillings There was not that difference of value excepting a fancier. There were many false coins which inspired me with caution. I had detected only one of them. One or two brought very high prices. A Demetrius Poliorcetes for a hundred and thirty five pounds. Home at four. In the evening Mrs Adams had her third reception. It was well attended and passed off much more sociably than the last. But Mrs Adams concluded to stop them as there is no likelihood of increased attendance as the season wanes. The americans are however coming over now in rather greater numbers. It was near midnight before they all went.

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