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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 4th

4 July 1863

Monday 6th

6 July 1863
5 July 1863
Sunday 5th

Warm and clear. Lady Russell had sent to Mrs Adams an invitation to go to Luncheon at Pembroke lodge at an hour which made it difficult to get there in season without omitting attendance on Divine service. As there had been repeated invitation and changes of day I deemed it on the whole wise to accept, though my habits are so fixed that it is a sacrifice to omit worship. We drove out, that is I and the ladies and found after all that Lady Russell was too ill to see us. His Lordship however received us, and his daughter Lady Georgiana There were many persons there. Lord Frederick Cavendish and Evelyn Ashley, Captain Spele and Mr Grant, made famous here as the discoverers of the source of the Nile. Mr Leister and Miss Ogilby. The rest were not known to me. After luncheon, others came. Charles Howard and his son, Mr Lurther, Baron Brunnow and M d’Azeglio, with others. We walked about the grounds and sat under the trees, it being quite hot enough to make it agreeable. Lord Russell talked a little of Mr Roebuck and his motive but did not seem to have any explanation to make of his peculiar position, that was more satisfactory. He had received Despatches from Lord Lyons, alluding to the panic, but attacking no importance to it. But there was no politics. We returned at five, and at our door met Lord Wensleydale who was just calling upon us. The old gentleman is very clear and bright in his mind. At dinner time the bag arrived, but it brought not much. Quiet evening.

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