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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 10th

10 July 1863

Sunday 12th

12 July 1863
11 July 1863
Saturday 10th

The intelligence from America was rather more encouraging. The most material point is the change of commander. Thus my apprehensions in regard to General Hooker are dissipated. His successor General Meade is only known as a division officer but from the way he begins I augur favorably. The nomination evidently is welcome to the army. The first effect o fit has been to put a stop to Lee’s progress. The probabilities are that an action must have followed. The fortune of war is so uncertain that I can only hope this may lead to a good result. I received a long letter from Charles, written down to the day after the action at Aldic. He is as yet safe, thank God. Finished and dispatched my note to Lord Russell. The rest of the family went to Mrs Sturgis’s at Walton, to pass Sunday. I remained quiet and solitary at home.409

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