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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 12th

12 July 1863

Tuesday 14th

14 July 1863
13 July 1863
Monday 13th

We did not return to town until three o’clock. In the mean time every body scattered from Walton excepting Mrs Sturgis and ourselves. I passed an hour or two in a walk to Oatlands Park where Mr and Mrs Bancroft Davis are passing some time. This place was formerly the residence of the Duke of York, but since his death, has been sold, cut up, and a couple of summer hotels set upon a part. They had gone to London. I took the opportunity to wander over it. The site is flat and uninteresting. And the dry weather has spoilt the verdure. The Duke and Duchess of York have disappeared and left no trace behind them, excepting perhaps the monuments erected to her favorite dongs, of which she had great numbers. At home, I found not much to do. In the evening a visit from Mr Ehruinger— I went with Henry to a reception at Lord Derby’s. He and Lord Granville spoke to me with great earnestness about news from America. I said I thought we should have none until perhaps Wednesday. In the mean while the grand project of Mr Roebuck has broken down in Parliament. It was withdrawn this evening. Unless the term should favor them in America, we shall hear no more of it this season. I remained only five minutes, and then we went on to a reception at Mrs Senior’s. Both these were light, indicating departure. Home by midnight.

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