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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 14th

14 July 1863

Thursday 16th

16 July 1863
15 July 1863
Wednesday 15th

Another warm day. I had engaged to meet the Trustees of the Peabody fund at Mr Morgan’s rooms in the city at eleven o’clock, for the purpose of visiting the site where the first edifice is in process of construction. So I went by the Metropolitan road so as to get three in exact time. All four, leaving Mr Morgan at home, then took a cab and drove easterly to Commercial Street on which the building is situated. We found the workmen swarming about it, and the construction advanced farther than I had expected. It was not however yet in a condition to judge of its internal convenience. The work seemed solid and the external effect on the whole favorable. From here we went over to another building that was going up in the neighborhood for similar purposes, erected by Jews for their people. This is much smaller—but it impressed me very favorably. The rooms were clear and light, though small—and the provision for heating, ventilation and water was good. I do not know that any improvement is more needed in crowded cities than that of dwellings for the deserving poor. I got back to my house by two o’clock. Remained at home for the rest of the day. We had company to dinner consisting of Lord and Lady Lyreden, the Speaker and Lady Charlotte Denison, Mr and Mrs Forster, Mr and Mrs Griffith, Mr and Miss Senior, Mr Bille and his sister, the Peruvian Minister, Sir Edward Cust and Mr C. P. Villiers. It passed off much as they all do. The parties remained until after eleven o’clock soon after which I retired rather fatigued.413

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