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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 21st

21 July 1863

Thursday 24th

24 July 1863
22 July 1863
Wednesday 22d.

A heavy shower rather resembling those in America. My day very quiet, having only visits from various persons, among whom was Count Giorgi, who is going out to America to take the place of the Chevalier Hulseman, as Austrian minister. He seems intelligent and well disposed. The effort to discredit the news of Vicksburgh continues just as earnestly as if it could be changed in saying so. The English are almost up to the pitch of yielding active aid if necessary. Luckily, the aspect of affairs on the Continent is so threatening that the government is disposed to act with much prudence and self-restraint as to embroiling us. I took a walk with Brooks who has come home for the vacation. In the417 evening we had quiet at home. I read part of Mrs Kemble’s account of her residence on a plantation in Georgia. The fashion here is to decry it as not being proper. The reason is that it tells unwelcome truth. We received a later telegram from America, very wordy, but containing little substance.

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