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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 2d.

2 August 1863

Tuesday 4th

4 August 1863
3 August 1863
Monday 3d.

In the course of the night the temperature had suddenly changed with the wind, so that the day was positively warm. Again I went with Brooks to the beach, and now we found the competition for the carts active enough. The process continued until quite into the afternoon. The women go out in dresses, but the men are naked. They are not very far apart, but yet there is decency and propriety observed among all who keep425 well to themselves. The water is good, but so cold that I could not stay more than two or three minutes. There was little surf, as it was calm. After breakfast we all went down to the spa, where was a band of music and a gay crowd. This is the most of a public watering place that I have seen in England. I strolled along the smooth beach, very different from Eastborne, to Conchain bay, almost two miles. The fancy is to go pebble hunting as some agates and carnelians have been picked up. It is amusing to see the quantities of people armed with little wooden shovels and small buckets, in quest of these stones. The whole lent of the walk under the cliff is picturesque. But we found neither agates nor carnelians. The fine exercise was our best gain. We got back in season to escape drenching in a thunder shower. After it was over, all the party took a long drive in the vicinity, through Ayton and Hackness. It is rural and picturesque. In the evening with Mary to the Spa—a crowd of persons assembled around a band of music which played popular ones for two hours. Such is Scarborough in July and August, the favorite resort of the well to do people of the middling classes in Yorkshire. I found not a single person of my acquaintance among the mass. But I was amused with the spectacle, as I always am when myself unknown in the midst of it. Returned to our lodgings rather fatigued by my several adventures of the day.

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