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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 4th

4 August 1863

Thursday 6th

6 August 1863
5 August 1863
Wednesday 5th

Up a little before breakfast to make a survey of the town. It is a cathedral town like Wells, but seems less stagnant. In the square was a statue of Neptune or a Triton indicative of a fountain or well, and an equestrian figure in bronze to represent the late Londonderry as a cavalry officer. It struck me as very heavy. After this we took our leave of Durham, and made our way along the east coast to Berwick and then to Edinburgh. The country is pretty but in now way remarkable. Some of the points passed recalled several of the novels of Sir Walter Scott, and one of the fight of Preston pans. At Edinburgh we found a little difficulty for rooms, in consequence of the expected arrival of the Prince of Wales tomorrow. At last we got indifferent ones at Ramplin’s, the place where we I stopped when here before. We had only time to go up to the Calton hill and look at the view. It was marked by the same characteristic of smoky indistinctness that I observed in my former visit. After dinner, observing there was a theatre in the rear of the house, I went in with Brooks. The attendance was thing and the little farces very ordinary. I left before the third began.

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