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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 7th

7 August 1863

Sunday 9th

9 August 1863
8 August 1863
Saturday 8th

Edinburgh is by all odds the most imposing city in this kingdom It has many things dicerning of observation which a traveller might spend some days upon. But as my time is necessarily limited, we determined on learning it today. The Prince of Wales had gone through yesterday much to the distress of myriads of the people whose attentions to him had been materially abridged by the rain. After breakfast Mrs Adams went with the children to see Holy rood, which she missed on Thursday, and then we took the Railway train to Sterling. A brief stay to visit the castle, another grand and imposing position. The only historical incident assassinated with it is a cold431 blooded murder committed by James the second upon Douglas, in gross violation of a safe conduct he had himself given him to secure an interview. It is in pleasant little episodes like these that Scottish history abounds After visiting the room where the crime was committed, we went out to see the more cheering sight of the country around, from the battlements. Within sight is the field of Bannockburn which has turned rather a poor creature into a hero. Robert Bruce is one of the idols of Scotland. Bruce was in some qualified sense a hero in his later and best days; when he vindicated the cause of Scotland against English usurpation. But his age was barbarous, and his notions of political morality partook of the time in which he lived. After some waiting, a train of carriages came and took us over to Callander the terminus of the rail, from which an omnibus transported us five miles farther to the Trosachs. This drive opens to the Highlands, and its numerous sheets of water. Here is the country made familiar to all readers of the Lady of the Lake. Lochs venachar and Achray, and the mountain Ben venue. Here we fall into the great stream of Tourist travel at this season. Fortunately we had engaged our rooms, so that we found ourselves comfortably housed in the Hotel, whilst numbers were turned away or fared the best they could.

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