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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 21st

21 August 1863

Sunday 23d.

23 August 1863
22 August 1863
Saturday 22d.

The letters and newspapers from America came today absorbing the customary amount of time of time. I was likewise engaged in preparing notes to Lord Russell on several subjects that required attention. Visits also from Mr Collins who came about his telegraph project from Russia to America via Behring’s Straits. I told him that Mr Seward had instructed me to give him all facilities in my power, which I was prepared to do. But at this season all official people were out of town. He said she should try to see Lord Palmerston. I pointed in London. He said he should wait over the vacation. Mr Walker came in again. He seemed full of a project of conducting a great newspaper in New York. I told him my experience of editing a daily newspaper. Hard labor, no pay and a considerable loss of money. At his age or mine nothing but the absence of any other resource ought to induce a man to such an undertaking. Late in the day I got away from my table into the open air. Called to return Mr Whitings’s visit. Saw him and his Wife and daughter. He said he had seen Mr Evans who had persuaded him to delay his journey to the continent in the hope he might use some influence to detain the Iron clad fitting out at Liverpool. I assented, not wishing to offend his amour propre. It seems flat to come out on a special mission and find nothing to do. Returned home by way of Hyde Park which looked very seedy, excepting in the line of the flower beds. Sir Charles Lyell also called to see me. Evening still on Diary.444

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