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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 23d.

23 August 1863

Tuesday 25th

25 August 1863
24 August 1863
Monday 24th

The day was fine. I completed the Despatches for the week and a letter to Charles with the last of Sir Edward Cust’s volumes on the wars of the last century, which seem to have pleased him. I long for the close of the war on his account, satisfied that he is wasting his powers in an inferior position. Went to the city to transact business with the Messr Baring, and to procure more supplies of money for the excursion. The expense attending journeys in England is on a stupendous scale. On my return, I had visits from Mr Beyard Taylor, who is on his way home. He talked much of Mr Cassius Clay, and of the absurdities he committed445 in Russia. Contrary to the common opinion he arms that his return to Russia was by no means acceptable to the government. He expressed surprise at the appointment of his through the influence of Mr Seward, I must confess that this also astonished me. In some respects Mr Seward’s ways are past finding out. I gave him however the explanation as it was given to me indirectly from Mr Clay himself, I suspect Mr Tayor believes the motive was to keep him out. Possibly this may be true, though I doubt it. It is impossible to determine the question without a knowledge of Mr Lincoln’s tendencies on the occasion. He may have had some blockhead when it was indispensable to keep out at any hazard. After Mr Bayard I had the agent of Mr Hath who came to get assistance to recover silver bars plundered by one of the rebel pirates out of an american ship. This is an English house and the silver is insured in London, which facts render my agency in the matter a work of supererogation. Nevertheless I have a letter to Mr Dayton to help him trace this silver in France to which country it has been spirited away. After dinner I made up my preparations and started in the night train for Scotland, by way of the Northwestern railroad.

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