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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Wednesday 26th

26 August 1863

Friday 28th

28 August 1863
27 August 1863
Thursday 27th



Drizzling rain as we departed from Glasgow. Our party divided here, one part consisting of myself with Mrs Adams and Mary on our way to Inverary. The two boys going off to Edinburgh, Rosslyn and Kelso. Our course was back to Ballock by rail, and thence by Steamer on Loch Lomond to Tarbet where we stopped for the night. This is a very pretty site on a little bend of the west side of the Lake, and immediately opposite Ben Lomond, the peach of which was visible for a little while after we got there. The wet was such however that we could make but feeble ventures out of doors. This is a great drawback to the enjoyment of the scenery of this country the great prevalence of fog and mist and rain. We had to comfort ourselves with our books. I have taken to a review of the history of Scotland in Sir Walter Scott’s account of it. It is a dismal record of barbarity, of intervurie wars, of crime and vice. I see little to redeem it from wholesale condemnation.

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