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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 30th

30 August 1863

Tuesday 1st

1 September 1863
31 August 1863
Monday 31st

We were called early to be ready for our departure. The morning was clear and bright, and the whole place looked lovely. The Duke and Lady Emma were both up at our breakfast, and saw us off half an hour later. We drove down to a wharf and entered a small Steamer which crosses Loch Fyne to St Catherine’s on the opposite side. Here we took a public coach to drive about eighteen miles by the way of Loch Eck to a place called Kilman. I mounted with Mary to the coachman’s seat from which we had a fine opportunity to witness the scenery. It was the usual ascent over a chain of hills and then the descent to the next Loch, but it was not so mild and desolate as usual, whilst the bright sun gave a genial character to the landscape which much heightened the enjoyment. At last we arrived at Killman, where a small Steamer took us up on its way to Glasgow. Stopping at various landings the multitude of passengers became uncomfortable until we were relieved at Greenock. In the meantime the clouds had gathered and by the time we reached Glasgow it was raining. We had all of us had quite as much of this place as we desired, so that our stay was limited to the hour of departure of the earliest train to Carlisle. This was four o’clock, and by eight we arrived at the County Hotel and took up our quarters for the night. Thus we bid good bye to Scotland, probably not to see it again. All my questions of pictures of it have been modified by my visit. I cannot say I have been in the least attracted towards it. Half of it is fit only for the habitation of the beasts and the birds. The other half has nothing especial to recommend it either in climate, fertility, beauty or the habits of the population, which are generally filthy enough.452

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