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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 3d.

3 September 1863

Saturday 5th

5 September 1863
4 September 1863
Friday 4th

A large part of the morning was spent in my customary way of writing to my sons. A notice from Mr Dudley however, that the war vessel was about to depart compelled me to address another and a stranger note of solemn protest against the permission of this proceeding by the government. I feared however that it would be of little avail. And my prognostication455 proved but too true; for I received at four o’clock a note announcing that the Government could find no evidence upon which to proceed in stopping the vessel. This affected me deeply. I clearly foresee that a collision must now come out of it. I must not however do any thing to accelerate it, and yet must maintain the hour of my country with proper spirit. The issue must be properly made up before the world on its merits. The prospect is dark for poor America. Her trials are not yet over. Luckily the difficulties do not all come together. A telegram received tonight announces the destruction of Fort Sumpter, and the shelling of that pestilent nest of heresy. charleston. This will produce a great effect in Europe. It may go so far as to save us from imminent danger pressing both here and in France. I trust in a higher power which is working out its ends by ways that I cannot fathom. I had a visit from Colonel Bigelow Laurence who is on his way to America, but I fear I was not in a mood easy talk. In the evening, after my usual walk and solitary dinner I succeeded in bringing up the remaining arrears of this record.

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