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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 6th

6 September 1863

Tuesday 8th

8 September 1863
7 September 1863
Monday 7th

Clear with a high wind. The Times has a leader this morning which rather shows a disposition to stop these vessels. It may be inferred that there is a pause of deliberation at the possible consequences of raising such an issue as this before the world. I was engaged in answering several letters which have been on my table for some time I had visits from several Americans desirous to see me and all more or less anxious about the difficulty. On my customary walk I stopped in to see Mr Bates. He had his daughter and Miss Weston with her niece at the time, but I seized an opportunity whilst we were about to hint to him the critical nature of the position we were in, and to urge some pressure from the commercial interest to prevent the hanger. He intimated that the consequence as inevitable. He though it far wiser to forbear. War would be playing the game of the rebels. The better way would be to go on crushing the rebellion, and afterwards bide our time, which would surely come round. The obstacle to this, I observed, was that nations were moved by their feelings quite as much as by their reason. Besides which these my movements which took place here are our most serious obstacles in the way of the very object for which he counselled forbearance, crushing the rebellion. The intelligence today of the complete destruction of Fort Sumter and of the bombardment of Charleston seems encouraging. We had today to dine with us Governor Wright of Indiana and Mr Hoyt. They have been to Hamburg as commissions to the Exhibition of Industry. Wright is a self made western politician with strong democratic tendencies gratified by a good disposition. They left at eleven.459

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