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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Friday 18th

18 September 1863

Sunday 20th

20 September 1863
19 September 1863
Saturday 19th

The news of this morning once more indicates progress in America in almost every direction. The great struggle on Morris Island has been terminated, so now will come the conflict within the very harbour of Charleston. On the other field it is reported that at last the whole of the valley of East Tennessee has been occupied, thus cutting off the remaining western line of railway communication from the rebels. Thus on both sides the tendency to a termination of the struggle is visible. I confess I long for it, and yet am not sure that the real moment to make an enduring pacification is yet in sight. As it was a fine day and I had not much to do, I resumed my last year’s occupation of hurting for a country house for the autumn months. I went to West Drayton, to see a place called Drayton Hall. On the whole it embraced more of the requisites for me than any thing I have yet seen. The main objection is the vicinity which is flat, and perhaps not perfectly wholesome. Still it looked very attractive. Home at four, by Great Western, and the Metropolitan from Paddington to Portland road a portion of which I had never passed through before, Mr Nurman called and a Mr De cirn from Austrailia.466

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