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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday Octr 1st

1 October 1863

Saturday 3d.

3 October 1863
2 October 1863
Friday 2d.

This morning I notified another of the servants of my intention to make a change in consequence of his intemperate habits. This makes the last of the inside domestics who came to me, on my arrival, from Mr Dallas. Perhaps I should have done better to have settled this sooner. My reluctance grew out of the precarious nature of my situation. As it is, the nature of this change depresses my spirits. The news from America by the Scotia too was not cheering. It announced the first reverse which had happened in the Southwest and the first defeat of General Rosecranz. This if correctly reported will contribute materially to prolong the war. As the later reports are more favorable, we must wait for the next news before we can judge what effect it will have on results. I went to the city for the purpose of transacting business with Messr Baring, and one my way called on Mr Morse to see about the business of the prosecution for counterfeiting Treasury notes. Made him another payment towards the expenses of the suit. Home by half past ten. Wrote a letter to Mr Everett, besides the usual ones to my sons. Walk afterwards, in the course of which I called to see Mr and Mrs Ritchie, and sat with them a little while. Evening at home. Read to the family the first three acts of Macbeth.

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