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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Saturday 10th

10 October 1863

Monday 12th

12 October 1863
11 October 1863
Sunday 11th

A pleasant feeling air. I went to Church in the city, starting early enough to get well down to All Hallows the great in Upper Thames Street. This again is one of Wren’s places, and a very favorable specimen for the scale. Outside the edifice has little attraction. A plain square tenor and a side without ornament, much the worse for smoke and storm. Inside the arrangement is simple but inviting. Here the pulpit and desk are placed against the north or Street wall, not lighted481 except by small windows under the roof, which do not effect the eyes at all. The long windows are on the south side, and shed cheerfulness over the whole area. A single large round window over the altar. The ceiling carried out much in the manner of the church in Bread Street, with the exception that the pilaster are brought down and give the proper effect. The most marked feature is a fine screen of carved wood, light and elegant. The Pulpit is also of oak, carved quite elaborately. At the altar are two statues of Moses and Aaron which are rather de trop. Take it altogether, it comes very near to my idea of a church for social worship. I should remove the tall fences of the pews, which would through the auditors more into a mass. The attendance was very fair. The Clergymen read exceedingly well. His sermon on Faith not above the average mediocrity. On the whole my worship today did me good, and my mind was uncommonly quiet and science. Afternoon took a walk and went into the Zoological gardens for a few minutes. Dined quietly with Mr Bates. Nobody there but Mr and Mrs Goodwin, who keep his establishment. Walked home at ten o’clock. I received my Despatches which were quite pacific.

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