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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 18th

18 October 1863

Tuesday 20th

20 October 1863
19 October 1863
Monday 19th
St Leonards

The weather continues very mild for so advanced a period in the Autumn. I received letters by this Mail and the New York newspapers. My son John sent me one from Charles which described another severe exposure that made me shudder at the same time that I was grateful for his escape. I had a visit from young Mr Emmons who has just come from Paris to meet two of his brothers arrived from America in the present Steamer. Dr Waddington also called to get a subscription to his pilgrim church, which he made out486 to do. I prepared for the week’s mail by writing replies to two or three letters I have had on hand. At three I started to walk to the Station of the South Eastern railway at London Bridge. Fearing that I had not allowed myself time enough to take the train at 4.20, I hurried myself unduly, the effect of which was to get me there too soon by a quarter of an hour. The trip to St Leonard’s through Tunbridge Wells is rather prettier than by the Brighton line. We went without incident, and I got to my house just in season to see Henry and Mr Moran before they started. Quiet evening, continuing Massey’s history.

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