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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 1st

1 November 1863

Tuesday 3d

3 November 1863
2 November 1863
Monday 2d.
St Leonards

Cloudy and rainy. The mail brought me letter and newspapers from America. The most incomprehensible event is the removal of General Rosecranz from his command. Of the courses for this act, very little clue is given, though I cannot believe that they could have been trifling to induce the government to make a change. I was very busy in disposing of the unsettled matters of last week. Mr Ritchie came in to tell me that he was going over to the continent, which rendered him unable to accept Mrs Adams’s further invitation to St Leonard’s. I went down myself at half past three to the Victoria Station. The trip was without incident. I reached home to dinner and a quiet evening.

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