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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 3d

3 November 1863

Thursday 5th

5 November 1863
4 November 1863
Wednesday 4th
St Leonards

Henry went up to London this morning. I read Mr Sumner’s article in the Atlantic Monthly, which contains his notion of the settlement of the rebellion. It is radically unsound and if likely to conciliate the popular will, would be fatal to the form of our Government. It has never been the characteristic of Mr Sumner to establish any measure of his own contrivance. I doubt whether he will do better with this. The country is practical, even in its wildest movements. I cannot but foresee however that if called home before long, I may be thrown into opposition to him in Massachusetts, unless indeed I retire from public life altogether. I wrote my Despatches and sent the draught by post to Mr Moran. By reason of the accident which prevented the Africa from getting over. less business came out for me than usual, so that I had leisure, more than common. Windy as ever. Walk at Halton, coming out on the hill near the castle. More of Mr Massey.496

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