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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 5th

5 November 1863

Saturday 7th

7 November 1863
6 November 1863
Friday 6th
St Leonard’s—London

CFA's text

p early and in a fine clear and calm day left St Leonard’s to return to London. For a wonder the carriage was entirely full. I seldom find that this makes conversation. I never talk myself, being not anxious to develope opinions on American affairs, which are almost sure to be touched upon, if any thing is. At home I found some arrears of work to bring up. The opening of the case of the Alexandra by a movement to carry it up to the Exchequer chamber has presented new features that require reporting. So far as they relate to doctrine, they show a change on the right side. The government also is manifesting far more energy. Henry returned to St Leonard’s, and I was left quite alone. Occupation relieves the tedium, but I cannot say that I ever fancied absolute solitude. Read more of Dr Phillimore who is rather dull.

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