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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 8th

8 November 1863

Tuesday 10th

10 November 1863
9 November 1863
Monday 9th
St Leonard’s

There seemed to be so little prospect of the arrival of the Steamer that the question arose whether, if I waited for it it would be worth my while to go to St Leonard’s at all. I do not relish my solitary life enough to be reconciled to the idea, so after completing all the arrears I had on hand, I decided to start as usual at four. The only visit I had today500 was from Mr Hoe, who came about the application of a person to him to be permitted to present the plan of a gun to the United States. This devotion to an idea in our struggle is not uncommon among the lower class of people in England, whilst in the higher ones few conceive it. There was news from America, but not by the regular Steamer. It was unfavorable so far as it went. At the proper time I walked to the Station and made my passage without incident. The night was clear but cold. Found the family quiet and comfortable as usual.

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