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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Sunday 22d

22 November 1863

Tuesday 24th

24 November 1863
23 November 1863
Monday 23d.
St Leonards

The Steamer arrived from America brought letters this morning, but the bag was delayed. I was interested in the newspapers. Had a visit from Mr Collins who is pushing his project of a telegraphic line via Behring’s Straits. He reported to me his conversation with the Duke of Newcastle, who seemed to suspect him to be a mere spectator on what rights he might pick up. To dispel this illusion he asked my aid under the instructions I had from Government. I promised him I would address to him a note which would set this matter right wherever he would show it. I was obliged to hurry away to get down to the Board of Trade in season for the meeting of the Peabody Trustees at 2. o’clock. Sir Emerson Tennent was gone, under a pending onset of the gout. So that Lord Stanley, Mr Lampson and I were just enough to make a quorum. There was little to do beyond ratifying the purchase of another lot; and considering the valuation of rents on the new building in Commercial Street which is approaching completion. An adjournment at half past 3 o’clock gave me time to get to the Victoria Station to take the train to St Leonard’s at four. I reached three without incident, and dined with the family quietly as usual.

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