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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday 24th

24 November 1863

Thursday 26th

26 November 1863
25 November 1863
Wednesday 25th
St Leonards

Very mild summerlike weather. The Despatches from home are few this week and require little notice, so that I easily disposed of the answers. But another matter was on my mind of a more troublesome description. Mr R. J. Walker and some other Americans in London have consulted together, and arranged a celebration of the day appointed by the President for a general thanksgiving. This takes place tomorrow— An invitation has been extended to me, and of course that implies a speech. I am expected to respond to the toast of the President of the United States, Although myself extremely doubtful of the propriety of a Minister’s speaking much even among his friends, I could not either the dinner or the speech without giving rise to insidious conjectures as to the cause of my refusal. So I concluded the perform the part at my own risk. Then comes the labor of preparation, which is always painful to me, because I cannot write any of it. My walk this evening was lonely on the parade after dark meditating and arranging my materials.

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