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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Tuesday December 1st

1 December 1863

Thursday 3d.

3 December 1863
2 December 1863
Wednesday 2d
St Leonard’s

The barometer had a sudden and great fall, which showed itself betimes in a high wind and heavy rain. My letters and Despatches took up my time. A walk in the evening confined to the parade and the sidewalk in Hastings. Wrote to Mr Moran to apply for me for a conference with Lords Russell. I have been prepared for a call to go to London in advance of the regular day, but as yet nothing turns up to demand it. Wrote to John and Charles. The former in his last letter proposes to get leave for the his brother for two months and to come out to see us. I had suggested the same thing in a letter to Charles himself a week or two since. But a sudden damp always comes over me whenever I venture to think of the future with this unhappy war hanging over us. Thus far he has been mercifully preserved to us. But the Potomac campaign is not yet over. The accounts come to us more ambiguously too as to the result in the Southwest. Much depends upon it. If propitious, it will be a long step to the end. If adverse, we must prepare for another year. Read more of Hawthorn.

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