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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Thursday 10th

10 December 1863

Saturday 12th

12 December 1863
11 December 1863
Friday 11th

Although the Despatches to be sent are not numerous, they are accompanied by papers so voluminous as to make the labour of copying very heavy to the Secretaries. After getting through with them, I turned my attention to other subjects of a pressing character. The most singular one is the case of a man by the name of Richmond, who came from Roxbury in Massachusetts to England, and who has made out to get himself convicted as a thief and sen to Wandsworth prison for a year. Mr Huseshn, a fellow townsman of his has been sent out by the city authorities who take a deep interest in his case to give him what aid he may. He come to see me about it, and I agreed to make a representation to the Foreign Office about it. The real truth seems to be that he lost his balance on arriving in a new country, and full into the snare of a woman who by her larcenies practised at the crystal palace made out to involve him in the suspicion of guilt, as receiver of pilfered goods. Yet this is a man of sixty, of irreproachable life in America with a grown up family, and held in so high esteem519 that men like Dr Putnam and Dr Bartlett write to me in his behalf. Many other smaller incidents also concurred to absorb my time, and to receive the species of nervous anxiety which I feel when in London, but did not feel at St Leonard’s. Corrected my speech and sent it to Mr Walker. I now take my exercise after dark as usual in the short days. Evening quiet at home. Read a little to the family.

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