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Diary of Charles Francis Adams, 1863

Monday 28th

28 December 1863

Wednesday 30th

30 December 1863
29 December 1863
Tuesday 29th

Quiet and uneventful day. I passed part of it in the pleasant occupation of reviewing my purchases of English coins since I have been here, and unifying them by comparison with the representation in the work of Snelling which I was lucky enough to purchase the other day. What a peaceful and elegant pursuit this is. After I get out of my public life, what a resource it will e should I survive for any time! My collection is already sufficiently large to occupy me for a long while in doing what I have never yet had the leisure to do, studying it by the light of history and chronology. Much have I caught since I came here, where the means of study are so ample, but unfortunately here I have not the time to devote to it. A year or two more may bring me quiet. My country may not want my poor services beyond that time. I shrink from the duty of acting in perturbed times unless the call be imperative. Walk in the evening by Hyde Park and the Edgeware Road home. Evening, reading, Phillimore and Hunt.

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